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"Blog a la Pibil" was born in Mexico, and was originally based on the adventures of Josue and Lupita, who were traveling in Mexico for two months. This blog is now a continuation of the life of Lupita, who has been restored to her life as a mere mortal in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fun in Oaxaca

It has started to dawn on me that we only have 2.5 weeks left in Mexico. This is a very depressing thought, which I will not belabor. Oaxaca is a small city in the south of Mexico, and Oaxaca is also the name of the state, one of the poorest in Mexico (behind Chiapas, which we are visiting next). The real reason to come to Oaxaca, it seems to me, is to take day trips to the surrounding little pueblos and tourist sites. Oaxaca is surrounded by towering mountains, and the valley just outside of the city is lush and verdant. We visited two ruins this past weekend - Monte Alban and Mitla, the former being one of the most impressive ruins that exists in the world. It is truly awe-inspiring to walk through an ancient city and witness what people were able to do years before handy inventions like plastic and elevators. Monte Alban is a fairly well-preserved (and restored) ruins, complete with an observatory the inhabitants used to predict cycles for agricultural purposes as well as temples where various things were sacrificed. The most interesting aspect of Monte Alban is the presence of a ball field, where a ball game of sorts was played. Archeologists don't know the purpose of the ball game, el juego de pelota, but the ball game was played by many different ancient cultures, not just in Oaxaca.

I am excited for the incipient arrival of my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Alex, who is equally as tall as Josue! I am also excited because Rachel has promised to bring me a book in English (they are hard to come by in the south) and a big bottle of Advil (to which I confess a small addiction, and which is equally hard to come by in the south). The biggest fiesta in Oaxaca, Guelaguetza, is about to begin, and the city is packed with tourists. Unfortunately, the zocolo still is under construction, so Oaxaca is not as pretty as it could be. (According to my conversation partner, the residents of Oaxaca are pretty angry at the government for spending money on the zocolo when things like education are going ignored).


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Dunia said...

Monte Alban remains one of the most incredibkle places I have ever been. Aram & I stood on opposite pyramids and spoke to eachother in regular tones. it was a "can you hear me now?" moment before those verizon commercials were even a thought.

And Teotitlan! The dyes and the rug designs! Awesome. I hope you get out to PUERTO ESCONDIDO. It is our favorite place in the world.

Good Times,


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