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"Blog a la Pibil" was born in Mexico, and was originally based on the adventures of Josue and Lupita, who were traveling in Mexico for two months. This blog is now a continuation of the life of Lupita, who has been restored to her life as a mere mortal in Los Angeles.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Las Momias

Must also mention the dried people you get to gawk at in Guanajuato. The ground here dries up people into mummies, which combined with required eternal payments to the cemetery means that the dead people museum has lots of talent to work with. Among the highlights were the smallest mummy in the world, dried pregnant women, and lots of other people who didn’t realize their value in the afterlife. Very creepy, but really fun. I am very sad to not be posting a photo of myself and Lupita gabbing with the stiffs. Next we are off to see El Pipila, the dude who put a rock on his back before running into the below mentioned grainery. (too bad there’s no dried out Pipila!!) There is a great view of the city from his towering statue, as well as a bar! Lupita and I will be doing this cultural activity then settling into the evening with some Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Note to future Guanajuato visitors – museums closed on Mondays…


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Annette said...

Are you sure they aren't deep fried? I like the sound of Deep Fried Guanajuatos.


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