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"Blog a la Pibil" was born in Mexico, and was originally based on the adventures of Josue and Lupita, who were traveling in Mexico for two months. This blog is now a continuation of the life of Lupita, who has been restored to her life as a mere mortal in Los Angeles.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Heat Blog

By the way, in case you’re curious why we’re going to the beach (as if a reason were necessary), and mostly for those of you who have expressed a wistfulness for some unpleasantness to befall those who dare to take 2 month vacations, it should be noted that Guadalajara is damn hot - the hottest summer here on record. Our room is about 88 degrees until 1 or 2 am with the fan going full bore (but it’s dry heat!!). The campesinos say the rains should come after the 24th. But my Spanish teacher Isabel just laughs at the sweating white people and says, wait - it’ll get hotter first. Isabel can be forgiven for being an insufferable misanthrope because she had the good fortune to spend a winter in Chicago, where … um… she would complain about the cold in December and people would laugh and say, wait - it’ll get colder. Nice, eh?
Also – since we’ll be on the beach escaping the heat on Sunday - Happy Birthday, Liz. From yer bro.


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