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"Blog a la Pibil" was born in Mexico, and was originally based on the adventures of Josue and Lupita, who were traveling in Mexico for two months. This blog is now a continuation of the life of Lupita, who has been restored to her life as a mere mortal in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

�Are we almost out of garlic?� This is the question Josh just asked me. We are gearing up to make a trip to the supermercado for Mexican dinner #2. Hopefully, this time, we will not blow out our intestinal lining, as we need it for at least another seven weeks (we have now dubbed dinner #1 the Great Chipotle Debacle 2005; let us never speak of it again).

Josh and I started language classes yesterday at CEPE, the language school affiliated with the University of Guadalajara. The school is four blocks away from our apartamento, which is great because we�re lazy. School starts at 8:00 a.m., which is not great considering aforementioned laziness issue.

I am in nivel uno (level one); Josh is in nivel siete-ocho (much, much higher than nivel uno). Trying to learn Spanish for the first time at age 28 is a humbling experience. My brain, apparently, has turned into an impenetrable fortress of doom. I�m making flash cards for the first time since studying for the f-ing bar exam exactly five years ago. My class has 13 students and I�m the second oldest. This, too, is a humbling experience.

In an interesting twist, the nursing school at the University of Texas at Austin has sent many of its students to learn Spanish at CEPE this summer. The nursing cabal is heavily represented in nivel uno. Listening to beginner Spanish is painful, but it�s nothing compared to beginner Spanish spoken with an unusually strong Texan accent. Fortunately for us all, las enfermas are quite charming, in addition to being tan, lanky and impeccably made-up. The commonalities between me and them end there, however, so I�m not sure how much we�ll be socializing outside of class.

Josh and I attempted to go to a restaurant last night from the Moon Handbooks guide to Guadalajara. This �guidebook� is by one Bruce Whipperman, and, well, it really blows. I should have known better by looking at the picture of Sr. Whipperman at the beginning of the book. There sits Bruce, in his puffy jacket with a crest on the pocket, sunglasses dangling around his neck, with a big s-eating grin on his face. The restaurant Bruce sent us to did not exist. Fortunately, we ended up in a lovely part of the Minerva-Chapultepec neighborhood (where we live), and went to a steakhouse called La Materra. Before and after pictures are located above. If you look closely, you can see the piel (skin) on the Argentinean steak por dos, a tasty if disconcerting addition.

I have been informed that we are going to the supermercado now, and that I need to move away from the Internet. Hasta manana.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger PGA said...

That's one big skirt steak and fries! Falling off the plate! Greasy salty YUM! But where are the vegetables? The h e a l t h y stuff? Broccoli? Broccoli rabe? Turnip greens? Something yellow, even. Dietary guidance available, upon request!

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Lupita said...

Don't worry, PGA. We had lots of salad before the ginormous steak. Although, admittedly, the best part of the meal was eating the fries au jus. -- Lupita

At 3:39 PM, Blogger PGA said...

Thing is, we didn't get to see the salad; so we're not exactly sure it ever existed except on the menu. Personally I'm just polishing off a pound bag of potato chips.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Lupita said...

PGA: You callin' me a liar?


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