Blog a la Pibil

"Blog a la Pibil" was born in Mexico, and was originally based on the adventures of Josue and Lupita, who were traveling in Mexico for two months. This blog is now a continuation of the life of Lupita, who has been restored to her life as a mere mortal in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

At the panaderia. In an unusual display of restraint, we got out of here with some nopal (cactus) bread and fresh tortillas.

At the super mercado, we bought fixings for our first foray into Mexican cooking. Pictured are tomatillos and garlic, which we roasted, along with some chipotle chiles, to make a fierce salsa (gracias Rick Bayless). We are still recovering from this meal.

Did I mention that our apartment has a hammock?

On our first morning in Guadalajara, we had brunch at Cafe La Paloma, about seven blocks from our apartment. I had el buffet, Josh opted for chilaquiles.

The new digs.

Our roommate Ralph and his girlfriend Mariana, celebrating our first night in Guadalajara at the cheesy yet fitting Casa Bariachi.

Josh on airplane.

Getting packed. This is one of five (5) guidebooks we are bringing with us.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Josh and I have decided to blog our time in Guadalajara. We actually decided to do this on Saturday evening, when we got here, but couldn't think of a name until now. Our new roommate, Ralph Fischer, took us to a good local tacqueria -- Los Laureles -- where we had tacos pollo a la pibil. According to Carl Franz, a pib is the pit where the meat is interred after being coated with various things like oranges and spices (this, apparently, can be done with deer, turkey and pig as well). The pib at Los Laureles looked more like a gyro than a pit, but the result was still muy delicioso. After rejecting "El Blog" and "Pinche Blog," we finally settled on "Blog a la Pibil" -- a fitting choice as all we've done since we got here is eat. -LT

We also have to give a plug to our friend Jose Vallejo (Pepe), whose photo we won't be posting until he gets in town from Australia in late July. Thanks for your bed and the clean sheets, Pepe. And the hammock and cable modem. And for your roommate Ralph. Some or all of these things may no longer belong to you when you return. (squatters rights, etc.) - JA